The Hidden Self

On the exterior, I am outgoing and down to earth. I have a habit of speaking without thinking. Most of the time, I do not speak with the intentions of offending. I am just really straight forward. I am also very stubborn and find it difficult to apologize. I despise failure and being told what to do even if it comes down through an authorative figure. I am usually quite confident in my abilities and will not stand for second best. It is all or nothing.

I like doing everything my way. If you dare to insult or question me, I can become a very angry and unpleasant person. That is right. I am very tempermental. I anger easily at the smallest trivial thing, but I also get over it fairly quickly. I rarely actually lose myself to rage. On the rare occassion it has happened, I was out to kill.

Over the years, I have changed my views of life to a more optimistic approach. People tend come to me for advices, for the better positive outlook of life. I am a strong believer. I love to dream. I live in my dreams where Prince Charming came and swept me off my feet. Which, my Prince Charming did.

I am very critical. I criticize other people, their work, and most especially myself. Though I clearly understand nothing is perfect, I still aim for perfection. My room is extremely tidy and nothing is ever out of place. My bookshelf is organized alphabetically by author then by title.

I am both feminine and masculine. I enjoy a range of feminine activities such as drawing, reading, sewing and collecting teddy bears, but I am also by nature aggressive and violent. I have been told I sometimes lack proper female etiquettes. I think of myself as an adventurer. I wish one day to be able to say 'I have done it all with no regret.'

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