This Girl

Name: Pauline
Nickname: Misty or Toshina
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 158cm / 5'2"
Weight: 48kg / 105lbs
Birthday: September 5th

I am Pauline, a 26-year-old Canadian-born Chinese whose life goals include at least one sky dive experience, become a successful web designer, and travel as much of the world as possible. So far, I have accomplished only a minimal percentage of goal number three.

If I could only choose one word to describe my personality, it would be stubborn. Once I have made up my mind, I will not budge my stance for anyone. It probably comes from my perfectionist standpoint and a dislike for failure. Like many famous historical perfectionists, I am also very moody and short-tempered. Most other days, I am easy going, friendly and down-to-earth. I am also known to be impulsive, easily amused, very animated, and prone to procrastination.

People tell me that I keep to myself a lot, that I tend to bottle things up inside. I blame it on my need for independence and innate need for self-preservation. I am also a hopeless romantic, living half my days in day dreams. Sometimes reality can be so overbearing that our illusions provide the safest escape.

I like to think of myself as both artistic and musical. Friends and teachers tell me I have a natural talent for drawing. But fickle-minded I am, which explains my ever-changing lists of favourites. During my spare time, I enjoy drawing, reading, shopping, swimming, watching TV, and web designing. I also enjoy trying new things. What is life without adventures?


Random Facts

Did You Know

  • I can cross my eyes and walk in a straight line.
  • I am addicted to dresses, shoes and underwear.
  • I do well in math and science, two subjects I loathe.
  • I once stalked a guy during the second year of University.
  • I cried watching Titanic for the first time.
  • I have a weakness for sour candies.
  • I collect stuffed teddy bears.
  • I love scary movies. The scarier, the better.
  • I took piano lessons from age five up to seventeen.
  • I got my first mp3 player (iPod) at age twenty-one.
  • I injure myself at least five times a week.
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